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I'm trying to start a band based heavily in harmonies. I have my other two singers for 3 part harmonies, and now I'm looking for mandolin and fiddle, lead guitar player. I'm looking for someone who's tight with s bluegrass style.


I have been singing acoustically for years, and had a short stint in a Swamp Rock band named, One Red Cent in Dallas, Tx. https://youtu.be/NoiLdzNKzXs
Now, I'd really like to get a tight, bluegrass, 80's country sound going. I'm previously singing around my hometown of Longview, Tx. with my life long friend, Misti Bryant. We're looking to expand our sound.


Brandi Carlile
Dolly Parton
The Eagles
Tina Turner
Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)
Sheryl Crow
Tom Petty
Gillian Welch
Van Morrison
I'm With Her
Chris Thile


  • One Red Cent
  • One Red Cent