Looking For

Im trying to find people to work with, I don't know if I can dive in immediately and do this full time just yet but that is the goal.
I am trying to find people who take this seriously and are willing to take the damage necessary for this to work out.


I'm by no means a professional anything when it comes to music but I feel like I have a lot of ideas and with enough group work and others ideas they can be channeled into something great.
I feel metal and rock music needs a revival and that's what I wanna try to do.
I'm also into performance art as addition and that's where I think some of this "magic" will come from...


slipknot, Marylin Manson, blacklights burn, all that remains, my chemical romance, sublime, Aesop rock, black flag, black sabbath, brand new, cake, Charles Manson, Coheed and Cambria, Danzig, galactic cannibal, Gerard way, GG Allin, god forbid, Grateful Dead, Green Day, Insane Vesper, Dethklok, TreyarchSounds, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nirvana, A Perfect Circle, Pearl Jam, Phish, Pink Floyd, Rob Zombie, Say Anything, Saosin, slayer, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tool