Looking For

-Female bassist who can sing lead/backup vocals to start something new.
-Classic/Southern rock, Motown, and Jazz Combos.
-Dig the New Orleans vibe, horns and playing with soulful artists.
-Available for FT and sub gigs.


Freelance drummer -Experience runs the gamut from jazz, country to rock.

Just wrapped up an awesome series of gigs with The Remnants (originals, Grateful Dead) based out of Terryville, CT. Before that, had the privilege of laying down the beat for The Federation power trio (Jeff Beck to ZZ Top) “Box of Chocolates” 2016 Tour. All this kicked off with AJ Jansen and the Midnight Renegades (Nashville, original and Country Rock) in 2012 to play a series of gigs throughout CT, MA and RI.


Ginger Baker, Charlies Watts, DJ Fontana, Elvin Jones, Sebastian Whittaker...