Affiliate Partners

MusicianFinder by intends to be the definitive search platform that helps musicians connect with each other for the purposes of:

  • Playing on recording projects
  • Finding band members
  • Finding players to sub on live gigs
  • Finding casual players to jam with
  • Producing or engineering recordings
  • and more

The world does not need every musician-related website or instrument manufacturer building their own localized community for the purpose of finding musicians. For a search engine like this to be truly effective, all of the musician audience needs to be in one place, and we think that by providing the best search capabilities—and pricing that even young, starving artists can afford, MusicianFinder can be the preferred online destination for this task.

So rather than building and managing your own search platform and community, simply utilize our advanced MusicianFinder website. By becoming an affiliate partner, you'll gain a new channel through which to market your products and services to our audience.

We handle the development, you provide a new/better service to your audience, and you gain new marketing avenues to reach our musician audience.

Please contact [email protected] for more details on becoming an affiliate.