Looking For

Drummer and Lead Guitarist for alternative rock band. I have musical experience playing bass, but my friend who will be playing rhythm guitar has none. Therefore, I require that whoever joins is passionate and will put in the practice time, but does not need to have any prior experience. I also ask that you find a way to get your hands on your instrument because I do not have a drumkit. We will be writing our own music primarily, and I can help with that, but come mentally prepared to do so because this is NOT A COVER BAND! Don't be scared, your part will depend on your playing abilities, so if you have less experience and can't play specific things, your part will be easier. However, if you have more experience and training, your part may be a little more technically inclined. We're writing it, so we decide how it goes.


I am currently a junior in high school, but I go to online school, so I can schedule practice hours around everyone else's schedules. I've been in music classes since age ten and have been playing bass for three years. I sing lead vocals and have had singing lessons for a year. I also have experience composing music and can read all clefs, so I can help write our music.


Radiohead, Muse, Greta Van Fleet, Led Zeppelin, The Divine Comedy, Jeff Buckley, Billy Joel, David Bowie, the Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Deftones, Queen, etc.