Looking For

Available guitarist/singer looking for bands or other like-minded musicians to jam with and potentially form a band. Might consider session work (I have a small amount of recording experience).


I am first and foremost a guitarist and have been playing for 11 years. I have been working on my vocals as well (with or without instrument in hand). I have experience in bands including both live performances and some recording. Had to leave my last band due to work conflicts but now my schedule would be better suited for it, and been jamming on my own lately and looking to get back into music. I do have a full-time job so looking for something on more of a "part-time" basis. Anything from a local gigging band to just jamming with fellow musicians.


Just a few of my influences are Hendrix, SRV, Eric Johnson, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin. Too many to list!