Looking For

Looking for band members that wish to create messages within their music. Many fear the truth; ignorance is truly bliss. However, music can help shed light on the shadows that society tend to turn a blind eye to.

Applications are open for:
Lead guitarist
Rhythm guitarist

Message me for more info!


I'm your average city gal who enjoys breaking down the conformity of society and being an advocate for the less fortunates.

I enjoy all forms of art and will always be down for new adventures (even if it's just getting Mc Donald's at 3am).

I'm told to be Empathetic, charming, and just weird in the best way possible.

My passion is to create music to share for the world and inspire; all I ask is for you to feel the same way and we can definitely work things out.


*It is not mandatory to like all of these bands! Just giving an idea of our vision is. Feel free to come with any ideas/inspirations!*

Alter Bridge
System Of A Down
Papa Roach
Killswitch Engage