Looking For

I have a band, but their rates just keep going up. I'm looking for four partners good at what they do, who are not only looking to get paid but are willing and able to produce the kind of high turnout that can get us booked as an opening act.

The name of my music project is "Starfire" and the songs are in the style of bands like David Foster-era "Chicago" -- love songs set to rock music that blends keyboards, guitar and a strong emphasis on melody and a great guitar solo.

Musically, I need a bassist, drummer, keyboardist and a rhythm guitarist. Good backup/harmony vox is preferred (optional for the drummer).

Because I expect to have to "buy onto a bill" get little to no money on any money a show makes at the door, I can pay $70/gig. per person and $30 per rehearsal per person and not expect to gig more than 1-2 gigs over the next couple of years. The first gig will take however long it takes to find all four band members.

Special note: If you can play like Tony MacAlpine, Nuno Bettencourt, Vito Bratta or Yngwie Malmsteen, you're a nice person, and have great ideas, I am interest in bringing you on as a lead and songwriting partner for future productions.


I've been playing guitar and keyboard for over 30 years, writing songs and engineering/mixing audio for over 20 years. With "Starfire," I have released 3 CDs and 1 live DVD in addition to several digital singles. The point of doing live shows is to attract new, long-term fans to our mailing list and offer new, original melodic rock music the only way that we can.


Jake E. Lee, John Sykes, K. K. Downing & Glen Tipton, Kee Marcelo, Paul Gilbert. I fell in love with rock, pop and some of the R&B that used to be on the radio and the work of legendary producers like Ron Nevison, Bob Rock and Michael Wagener.


  • "Cat Walk"