Looking For

We are looking for a dedicated bass guitarist, for a punk rock band that has experience playing live shows. You should have at least your own guitar, but consideration will be given to those without who seem serious about committing to the band. We practice every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm-9pm in our dedicated practice space, near Rainbow Blvd. and Smoke Ranch Rd., you must be able to regularly attend our practices, and be available for live gigs at bars locally (for now) with reasonable notice. It would be preferable if you had your own transportation, but we may be able to figure something out to get you here each week. We play nearly entirely original material, save for the occasional cover to round out our live set.
We have a gig coming up on November 19th, at the Dive Bar in Las Vegas so we are looking to get someone playing with us ASAP- but we will do the gig without and keep looking if need be. Please be serious about dedicating yourself to the band to a reasonable extent- obviously we're not looking to monopolize your time/energy/money, but we need somebody reliable as we tend to play at least 1-2 shows per month and are planning to really ramp things up in the next coming months both with new material and more frequent gigs.
We love playing together, and though we are extremely serious about what we're doing, at the end of the day we have to enjoy the time we're spending working on the band and hope to find someone with a good sense of humor and generally a laid-back vibe. No hard drugs, but cannabis is cool and a couple members do smoke from time to time. Also please no problems with alcohol, we tend to drink during practices sometimes, but it does not affect the band, and don't want substance issues to start affecting it now. Also no hot=headedness or egotism, we're not about that.


Currently we have four members; Munchyz is our lead vocalist, Danny is our lead guitarist, Mark is our rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, and Corey is our drummer. We range in experience playing with dedicated bands, but can all hold our own and have played live gigs together to excellent audience reception.
Our honorary fifth member Samantha (Sam) is our manager, and helps us record audio and video of practices and gigs, helps us with social media, booking gigs, making DIY merchandise, and is helping in our search for our newest brother or sister in rock. You can email us (usually Sam) at [email protected]


Our influences range broadly, but mostly all types of punk rock, with doses of metal, rockabilly, a little surf rock, and alternative rock. Right now most of our original stuff is mostly punk-driven, but recently we've started branching out and incorporating other types of music the members have always enjoyed listening too- even if not all of us have necessarily had much experience playing in that specific style.


  • Waking The Neighbors
  • Warm Beer Attack