Looking For

Looking to start or join a duo/tirio piece act for small club and restaurant gigs. If the mix is right, also open to potentially joining/starting a band. Have a great large practice room set-up.
Can sing some lead and good backup vocals.
Have a vast song playbook to work from.
(770) 402-5470 or [email protected]


As background info, I have played in bands, duos, & trios since college. In the past few years, I've been in a couple of full bands that played out in well known Atlanta area venue and small bars. But with people moving, some members having health/family issues, and then difficulty finding replacements it eventually caused splitting up.

After a year-long break due to COVID, now looking to primarily start or join in on preferably a duo or trio. Maybe something that could expand to a full group over time but that's forward thinking.


Eagles, Clapton, America, CSNY, Young, Stones, Petty, etc. Have a much wider assortment from a band I was recently involved with. If I don't know a song, I learn it fast.