Looking For

I am looking to form an original band with original songs taking to the likes of certain fundamental guitar sounds evident in material from artists such as bands like 2:54, Sixpence None the Richer, R.E.M., Ringo Deathstarr... Etc. I have a few brand new, full length, one track guitar instrumentals in my repertoire that I can play on demand, and are ready for vocals, bass drums, and full production. I have potential leads on both a bassist and vocalist, but nothing solid, so please contact me if you are willing to throw down either. I prefer female vocalists and that is a top priority. If you are intruiged in the slightest, hit me up and we'll go from there. I've got demos. Thanks!


I am a 22 year old male from a small town somewhere on the forehead of Arkansas, and I've been writing songs by myself for about 6 years now, always unsuccessful in my ever-fervent endeavors to collaborate or band with anyone. Ive taken to the guitar, which I've been playing for about ten years now. I have yet to stumble upon any like-minded musicians who also share my drive and dedication to write collaboratively, perform, record, and release music. I have full length, cut & dry guitar instrumentals that are ready for bass and vocals, drums being at our disposal, unless the opportunity presents itself to incorporate a serious full time drummer in the band.


Cranes, Cranberries, Stereolab, Sundays, No Joy, R.E.M., the Vapors, Primus, Jesus Lizard, XTC, Man Or Astroman, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, 2:54, Minipop, Great Grandpa, Hooverphonic, etc...