Looking For

Musicians that are willing to put in the work. Has atleast some basic music theory reading skills. Be punctual and being prepared at rehersals.


"Creating and enhancing music that satisfies the soul."
Eclectic Paradise is a touring/studio session/backup band, which started in Peekskill N.Y. We play any genre of music; but, we are primarily influenced by: Jazz, Neo-Soul, Gospel, and RnB. Eclectic Paradise comprises of a group of multi-talented individuals who strive for the extreme best.
Philson “Phil” George Jr. (Professional Drummer, Founder, and CEO) had a dream of creating his very own band at a very tender age; and, as he began playing with many bands/groups that dream, infused with his talent and persons with a similar vision, birthed this brain child Eclectic Paradise. As Philson grew older and smarter in the music business, his vision became clearer. He wanted not only a back-up band, but one which would be able to handle any aspect of the live band world in the music industry. Philson met his partner and CFO, while playing for a youth choir.
John “Pookie” King Jr. (Professional Keyboardist, CFO) and Philson George Jr. being the backbone of Eclectic Paradise, has molded them together. From the time Pookie and Phil met, there was an instant chemistry which to this day cannot be broken. Pookie being structured from being classically trained, and being the perfectionist and professional that he is, Eclectic Paradise is well on its way to doing exceptional things and not going wrong. The journey of Eclectic Paradise for Phil and Pookie began in August of 2010. Since then, they have featured on Word Above Water’s original album, (local Christian group of Mohegan Lake). They have also worked with a local artist named A-N-T and Griz. Helping them mold some of their music into a new era. They featured on the complete album called “No Detours;” which was released on June of 2013. Since then, the team has been growing stronger as they build their clientele through working with main artist Qu Boii.
Sanjra (Professional Percussionist, Backup/Lead/Singer) is another core essential part of Eclectic Paradise. Sanjra brought up on Jazz fundamentals, brought her feeling and passion to the table. Her style of playing brings the group to another level. Her experiences, which have been shared with the team from time to time, have provided fresh perspective and challenged us to be better. Everything happens for a reason. While strolling in to the Fern Tree in Peekskill, with a stick bag as always, Phil and Sanjra met for the first time and she was introduced to Eclectic. What a coincidence! From there, business cards were exchanged and Sanjra attended the first rehearsal and immediately connected with the team.
Eclectic Paradise is not only a band; but, can be considered as its own brand, poised to establish itself more than ever before. Eclectic Paradise: Making or playing phenomenal music that can bring you to that dream place.


God, Israel Houghton New breed, Ryan Leslie, Musiq Soulchild, Nurdy Tunes, etc.


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