Looking For

I am a new vocalist seeking a band that would write and produce a blend of 80's new wave and indie rock influenced genres.

I have been around music/film since the 90's interning at island/def jam records and at one time was an early manager of the popular band , and my friends, The Lumineers.

My goal is to write and produce a small number of tracks with people who are interested in the same genres. If good enough, maintain a full time commitment to the band and future . *Age range mid 20's into late 30's would be the best fit for this band

Influences. The killers , Depeche Mode, new order , Elvis, 50's and early 60's surf rock,

Indie rock. British new wave from the 80's


The killers Depeche Mode new order
The strokes Elvis David Bowie joy division
80s new wave. 50s and 60s surf rock
Synth bands
British indie rock