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COVID-19 Vaccine Notice:
I AM planning on receiving the vaccine as soon as I am able to do so. I am in the last age group to receive the vaccine (30 y.o.) so this will not be until May of this year. I am more than happy to collaborate remotely until then via file sharing, and will wear a mask for in-person band practices after receiving the vaccine, should other band members wish me to. I am here to make music, not to be unsafe.

Hello, my name is Stuart and I am looking to put together a Rock/Post-metal group based loosely in the Hartford area. While I play bass, guitar, and drums, I am most comfortable on bass. I can also contribute clean vocals to the project as I have prior experience and take lessons. I do not want to play covers and would like to compose original music with the group. I would really like to explore both heavy/brutal ideas but also clean/light riffs; that dichotomy has always interested me.

I am experienced as a sound engineer, having produced 3 full length albums for my solo project over the course of many years. While I cannot create a truly professional sounding recording, I can absolutely make demos, rough tracks, and relatively polished products. Once we get to a point where we are comfortable enough to record, we have an immediate means of getting that out as songs.

Remote Collaboration:
I use Presonus Studio One 4 as my DAW of choice and record and mix everything through that platform. This does not mean I cannot work in parallel with those using other DAWs (ProTools, Reaper, CuBase, etc.); I can output mp3s, WAVs, AACs, and a couple other media types so that others can import those audio files into their projects and record with them. We can set up a google Drive, Sharepoint, or other cloud-based storage means to keep the bulk of our work for remote collaboration. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for taking the time to check my profile out, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Favorite bands and influences include:

The Ocean Collective, Isis (the band), Jakob, Tool, Burst.

Honorable mentions include:

Rivers of Nihil, Fallujah, Entheos, Between the Buried and Me, Cynic, Karnivool, Slugdge, The Binary Code, The Contortionist, Virvum, Cytotoxin, Psychonaut, Baroness, Rosetta, and Mastodon.


  • Until the Hands Move in Reverse