Looking For

I'm looking for a guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums to go through hell with me
I'm forming a shock rock band


Bass guitar is my main instrument although I will be lead vocals in the group I'm forming.
My big focus has been reading and writing for the past 4 years, the last two spent creating lyrics.
I have about 10 workable songs to sing. All I need is a place to rehearse and the right people to do this with.
If you are a cynical, misanthropic metalhead who is mad at the world, and want to see it burn, this could be for you.
No: unjustified aggression
No: Right or Leftist bigotry or intolerance
I won't bring stupidity, discriminatory hate, or social justice onto stage with me, save it for media. I'm looking for social disorder in America's youth and if I can, to corrupt it a little further.
Anyone who can get my metal, come and join, because I've got a golden ticket.


Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd
Rob Zombie
Cibo Matto