Looking For

I'm looking for some people to play with, ultimately leading up to maybe forming a band, the first meet would be casual and nothing too serious.


I'm a 15 year old multi instrumentalist, my main instrument of choice is guitar, I've been playing guitar and other instruments such as mandolin and piano for about 5+ years. What I lack in experience I will make up with skill, I'm still learning how to play with live people other than recordings and backing tracks. I can read sheet music, I know music theory such as chord structures, modes, chord progressions and all that stuff. In all I just love to play music and it is what I do, when it comes to genre's I'm pretty versatile. I am usually free for most days, thank you for reading.


I really love Buckethead and queens of the Stone age, I love music in general, I like a lot of different genre's all the way from some pop songs to black metal.