Looking For

I'm looking to form or join a band around blues/classic rock influences from 50's 60's early 70's era. Like minded, close aged, relaxed, but dedicated, determined musicians. I believe with the right people, a good band, and determination, you can still grow and make a living, in the music industry. An ideal setting would be just freely coming up with songs, eventually forming into albums, with band mates you can go off of and groove with everyday. I don't mind how many people would be in the band, just if the similar taste is there. I'm looking to do this long term as a career.


I'm 17 finishing high school, in Burbank, CA. Been playing guitar seriously now for 2.5 years. I have a stratocaster, telecaster, Gibson les Paul, effect pedals, Pearl Drum Set, 1962 Hammond A100 Organ, Marshall DSL 50 amp, 1970 Fender Dual Showman Reverb amp head with 12x5 speaker cabinet. I play both rhythm and lead equally, recently. It's come the time where I think this is what I want to be doing as a career and have become desperate enough to start creating accounts like these on websites like these, I stumble upon. Schools almost over and have no one I know of in my area that is interested in the same music or dedicated to do this long term. It gets lonely not playing with people when having the urge, I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to jam, through online, that's across the country. I'm more introverted and don't go much places, that would have possible musicians so I resort to this, for now. The musicians I'd like are ones that are layed back and chill, know there stuff, and easy to get along with. I think of myself as being open minded to new ideas and relaxed, most of the times. I don't know a practice schedule as of now, since I don't work yet, so I guess I'm available everyday during the week. Contact me at [email protected] if you want. Thanks for reading.


The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Small Faces, The Faces, The Yardbirds, The Easybeats, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, The Beach Boys, The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Buffalo Springfield, The Kinks, Jefferson Airplane, Deep Purple, Chicago, The Moody Blues, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, B.B. King.