Looking For

I am looking to reform my band in the genre of modern rock/metal with a mix of classic rock/metal.
I'm also interested in joining a startup band or established band as a rhythm or lead guitarist.


I am an educated, long time guitar player. I have pro gear, a positive attitude and no issues with transportation, drugs, alcohol or family drama. I practice religiously with a focus on technique(s). I am educated in music theory and I'm a part-time guitar teacher.
I'm interested in joining or forming a band that practices once a week and plays out 1-3 times a month. Local bar and small club scene with an occasional private party.
I'm a skilled Lead Guitarist w/ backing vocal ability. I'm also well versed in MIDI for Live music and studio production. I have a solid working knowledge of Live sound also.
My preferred genre for a band is modern rock and classic rock. Not the typical worn out songs but much more high energy songs that lesser bands never seem to play. Example; NO SMOKE ON THE WATER....I opt to play Highway Star instead!!! \m/
Shoot me a message since I am now forming a High Energy Rock band. Located in Bergen County area New Jersey.


My influences range from the Beatles to Tom Petty to Joe Satriani to Tom Quayle and the list goes on and on.