Looking For

Musicians and singers to perform live with.
Bass, Guitar, Piano/keys, and Drums but I'd entertain the idea of just about any instrument. I like to make it different.


The best way to get my flavor is to hear my songs and watch my videos. It's basically all upbeat fun and flavored by the ocean.


Well, I’ve been known to be heavily influenced by a good steak and beer and thoroughly convinced by cute blondes - but I like to listen to Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Kenny Loggins, The Eagles, and anything laid back and in the island style groove. Give me an afternoon of steel drums or guitar anytime!
My songs sail from a sunset finger style guitar/vocal to a high seas tropical steel drum band. All are salted with the flavor of the sea, spiced with rum and about life, love and humor. My songs are the story of my life, my boat and the shores I’ve lived on.
I suppose the only real answer to the *influence* question is: everything that I am, have been or hope to be is my influence. By the Grace of GOD I will continue to be inspired.