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We listened to the cast music and learned the words so that we understood and "got" what was being said before we went to the play. It is so brilliant, you do not want to miss a nuance, let alone a word. You might even consider "hearing enhancement" so that you hear above the "enthusiasm" (screaming) of the crowds. I still smile when asked about this play. iI loved every minute of it. I listen to the cast recording, and the music and story are with me outside the theatre.
The seamless blending of the words and music, choreography, acting and delivery of lines and songs of "Hamilton" created an incomparable experience. A friend saw it in October and highly recommended it. We bought tickets in November for the May 14th performance, and listened to the sound track for several months to acclimate our "senior ears" to the music. Seeing news items and video clips heightened our anticipation. We traveled from Colorado to see it and we loved every minute of the show! This was consummate Broadway!


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