Looking For

I'm looking for a live band to play my songs with: a KEYBOARDIST to carry the songs and a PROGRAMMER/SYNTH player to play pads, bass, launch loops or help with production.

Should be open, enthusiastic, reliable and available to rehearse twice a week.

No big egos! The songs should come first and I want to pull towards excellence in an environment where people are mature enough to do the work but also feel comfortable and valued, as I'm also easy to work with.


I'm a singer/songwriter and produce my own demos. I performed with a previous band project for 3 years and have written songs for 8 years.

I make chamber pop with orchestral arrangements as well as synths/electronic elements and want to make my own brew of melodic theatrical pop with confessional, sometimes darker lyrics.

I'm a solo artist in the sense that I write all the songs and oversee all creative decisions; I've had to let some band members go and I will keep pursuing my vision for this project for years to come. BUT you're encouraged to contribute with ideas and if things work out we could eventually make songs together.

I want to create a sense of community you feel part of, have fun and share the excitement and the successes with you.

My plan is to start rehearsing twice a week, play many Berlin venues and then other German towns before getting a booking agent in the future to book small tours & festivals. Meanwhile I'll release my songs and work on online presence and promo, as I want people to feel part of it.


Musical influences include Kate Bush, Sufjan Stevens, Regina Spektor, Bat For Lashes, Tori Amos, The Knife, or CocoRosie. Visually I'm influenced by Halloween, mythology, Mark Ryden and cartoons.