Looking For

I host an amateur pop/classical chamber group that meets at my house once a week. We play a mix of classical orchestral works, and modern pop songs. Instrumentation is a mix of woodwinds, strings, brass, piano, percussion and singer -- 6-8 people, depending on who shows. I arrange all our music to fit the unusual mix of instruments and ability levels. We play a couple of house concerts a year. If you are interested in joining, send me a message.

Personally, I would love to do more of the same with a more committed group with the goal of performing locally or recording. I like covers, but I prefer to put an original spin on them and not just imitate the original. A group of 3-4 acoustic instruments plus a singer would be about right. If that sounds fun to you, let me know.

I'd also be up to join an existing group of any genre needing flute/vocals/aux percussion.


  • Mendelssohn, The Hebrides, Op. 26
  • Steven's Last Night in Town (cover)
  • We Added It Up (cover)