Looking For

Looking for a producer to collaborate with. I have 17 songs written, but want someone to bounce ideas off to enhance each song. Whether it be structurally or adding new instruments, tweeking fx, even a whole re-write if we see fit.


I started off my music career as a solo Hip-Hop artist opening for national acts such as: chance the rapper, Mac Miller, Twista, Chris Webby, etc, name drop, name drop. After awhile I realized I have enough fans to put on and headline my own shows.

Now I've pulled back from the hip-hop scene and am working on my most diverse album to date. More or less letting the lyrics dictate the type of instrumentation. While there still is some rapping, I wouldn't classify the album as hip-hop at all. It's closer to rock. One song may be acoustic singer/songwriter, the next pop punk, then funk-rap, etc.


Hear are artists I think this album definitely has stylistic elements of: Green Day, MGK, Macklemore, Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, James Brown