Looking For

I’m mainly looking for a band to join or start up with someone. I’m into electronic/Metalcore but I am also open to most other sub genres of metal. I am a scream vocalist but can also do low to mid tone clean vocals ( I’m currently working on my highs).


I’m really serious about being in a band, and I also realize all the extra time and effort that comes with it.
Check out my SoundCloud link for what I’ve had recorded so far.


Born of Osiris, Carnifex, Fear Before the March of Flames, Horse the Band, The Blood Brothers, Pg 99, Casino Madrid, Eskimo Callboy, One Morning Left, I Set My Friends On Fire, We Butter the Bread With Butter, Pacific Skyline, Duck Duck Goose, The Browning, Beyond All Recognition, Dead Empires, The Number Twelve Looks Like You.


  • Ashes