Looking For

Hired Gun.. Full Time (if you can)... Tour...

Have Kurzweil - Will Travel


Been playing over 50 years professionally. traveled the country and opened for many national artists.

Performed with Alabama Blues Brothers, Ken Mellons, as well as performances (impromptu) with Buddy Leach (The Destroyers), Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nantucket, and many more.

Teach advanced interval theory and chord pedagogy.

Old guy with tons of experience and NOT NAILED TO A STAGNATING 10 MILE RADIUS.

NOT a weekend hobbyist


Kieth Emerson, Ric Wakeman, Jordan Rudess, Marc Cohn, Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd.


  • Covering Luke Bryan
  • House gig in Panama City
  • Opening for Randy Travis...