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Always interested in connecting and looking for new collaborative work opportunities.


My foray in music began at an early age. From the stereotypical “banging on pots & pans” to the dents left to this day in my childhood home’s wooden floors, it was apparent early on rhythm was a part of me.
At six my Italian grandmother had her upright piano sent to our home without warning so piano lessons began then shortly after. After five years of private instruction, and primarily relying on my “Ear” it was then I discovered my love for sports, where I put the music aside for a few years until Jr. High where my affinity of music was rekindled when I chose to take up “Percussion” in the school’s band. It was an instant match and from that moment on I knew it was what I was destined to do.
From countless Orchestras, Symphonic Band and Jazz Ensemble performances, competitions, Honor Bands & Talent Shows, to further my pursuits in music I auditioned and was accepted into the music program at The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (L.A.C.H.S.A) studying under Dr. Bobby Rodriguez (jazz studies) and Alan Mautner (orchestral performance).
During this time I had the opportunity to study privately under two world-class drummers, Peter Erskine (Stan Kenton, Weather Report), and Jeff Hamilton (Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Diana Krall). With their unlimited knowledge and wisdom I prepared to continue my studies and was offered a scholarship to the Jazz Program at California Institute of the Arts (CAL ARTS). During college I began to study World Music(s) along with my jazz training, and began digging into everything from the African drumming of Ghana to Afro-Cuban music and Salsá.
The faculty there was second-to-none and I had the pleasure of working hands on with the likes of: Joe LaBarbera, Charlie Haden, David Roitstein, Darek Oles, Larry Koonse, John Fuma, and John Bergamo.
After graduating with my BFA in Jazz Studies I soon thereafter landed my first full-time gig as the drummer for International recording artist, World Pop Singer Andy Madadian (A.k.a “The Persian Elvis”) where I toured relentlessly a few times over playing sold-out arenas across the globe as far as Dubai, India, Armenia, the U.K, Australia, and Malaysia to name a few. During that time I worked with countless other singers in the Persian Pop/World Music market and became known for my abilities to fill-in in an array of musical settings in a professional and “timely” fashion ;) I attribute my background in World Music’s in my ability to “fit-in” in all sorts of musical settings, despite often not speaking the language or dialect of the given music being performed. A chameleon of sorts as it may...
But ultimately what I’ve discovered as a professional musician and working drummer for the last 20yrs, is to be humble and honest in your work, whatever the gig entails, and that ‘Music’ is a universal language and that my fiends, is the real beauty:)


Some of my earliest influences were:
Prince, Thriller era Michael Jackson, to Scott Joplin & Italian Opera, from Frank Sinatra to Frank Zappa.

– 50’s Era Bluenote Jazz, late 50’s/60’s Soul and R&B.
– 50’s Rock & Roll & Roots Rock/ Americana.
– Classic Rock of the 60’s & 70’s.
– 80’s Pop & Rock Music
– 90’s Grunge & Alternative Rock
– Late 90’s R&B & Rap Music
– 90’s Jungle/Drum & Bass, House Music, and EDM.